VA Increases Aid and Attendance Benefits

The Veteran’s Administration has announced an increase in the monthly benefits for the VA Improved Pension, Aid and Attendance benefit. 

The four (4) basic qualifiers for this benefit are:

  • Served in the military during a period of war (didn’t have to be in combat)
  • Need the aid of another person with a number of your activities of daily living
  • Meet an income test based on your total cost of care
  • Meet an income test (countable assets)

Although the “ground rules” are fairly simple, the actual process can be complex.  If you live in North Carolina, please contact us before you file your application.

The following are the new rates:

Monthly Tax Free Benefits

Married Veteran $2,120
Single Veteran $1,788
Surviving Spouse $1,149
Veteran w/ ill spouse $1,404
Married Vets, both need help $2,837
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