Elder Law Seminars

Please join us at one of our free Elder Law seminars that address topics like Medicaid planning, V.A. benefits, irrevocable trusts, revocable living trusts, wills, supplemental needs trusts for the disabled, and estate planning. At Carolina Estate Counsel, we know that too many seniors forego benefits that would substantially improve their quality of life because they simply don’t have the information available to them. Many of these people drain their life’s savings by private paying for care when assistance could be obtained at little or no cost. This is why the attorneys at Carolina Estate Counsel devote a good deal of their time doing these seminars, to provide people with the knowledge they need and to answer any questions that people may have. We are active in community service and frequently do pro bono work for veterans. Contact us to learn more about upcoming seminars and to sign up for a future event.

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