Health Care Power of Attorney (POA) and Living Wills (Advance Directives)

We usually don’t have a list of phone calls on a Monday morning asking to talk about “end of life” wishes, BUT it is a very important topic. 

There are basically two (legal) ways that you can communicate your health care wishes,

  • Health Care POA   
  • Advance Directive     

The Health Care POA will give direction to your appointed agent on what to do, let’s say you were in the hospital in a heavily sedated condition.   

The Advance Directive gives specific instructions on “end of life” situations regarding feeding, hydration or other extraordinary measures.   Both are important.   

This should be discussed with those around you.   Tell your family, friends and medical providers that you have these documents and are readily available if needed.  Many families share these documents with their medical care team.

If you have any questions regarding POA’s or Advance Directives (Living Wills) in North Carolina, please email  to

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