Downsizing is about asking the right questions

I spoke with Julie Kopetsky of Your Next Move, who offered some hints on downsizing and what to look for. If you use a service to assist in your move and the sale of your existing home look for the following questions:

Questions about your lifestyle, the style of home you like most, the size of the home (will you need an extra bedroom for guests) or possibly clinical and supportive needs. It should be determined if independent living is suitable or possibly independent living with added services like housekeeping, assistance with meds or bathing. You may need assisted living level of care or based on your physicians statement, skilled nursing.

Will the firm (or your family) be able to find several communities that meet your needs and wishes? At what price point? Will you be able to visit the properties on a personal tour?

Questions will arise about your existing home, your cherished possessions, what you will take, and what will you give to family or charity. Will there be a garage or estate sale and who is deciding what to sell?

Who will coordinate the move and set up of your home in the new community?

Moving from your home to a community can be very stressful, but with the right team of helpers and advisors like Julie, the outcome can actually be pleasant.

If I can help you work through this process or connect you with Julie, please let me know.

Rick Messemer, Certified Senior Advisor
Carolina Estate Counsel- Estate and Elder Law Attorneys

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