An “Estate Plan”………. I don’t need one!

So many people ask themselves –  

“do I really need an estate plan?”

The easiest way to answer this question is with several more questions:

  • If I die without a will, what happens to my home, my money and how difficult will it be for those left behind?

  • Do you have minor children?  Who will care for them, who will be responsible for the money?

  • Would you like to leave money to a Charity?  Maybe it’s your Church, the Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, Feed the Children, etc.  Are you really going to depend on your beneficiaries to carry out your charitable wishes?

  • What will happen to my property?  Should it be kept in the family? Should it be sold and the funds distributed? Is the property attached to a business?

  • What if you are a “blended family”.  Are there are children from a previous marriage? What if one partner came with 6 kids, the other none?

  • What if there is a child or other relative that has a disability, do you want to leave that person a lump sum benefit?

  • You’ve heard “Medicaid will take your house”……… is that true? Can you save your home?

    We believe every family needs some level of planning, maybe to leave a legacy, fulfill a promise or help your heirs avoid a large estate tax bill. 

    Where do you begin?   Start with a list of “wishes” and then questions!  Once you have these, we’d love to speak with you.

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     Carolina Estate Counsel offers free consultations in your home, senior living community, your place of business or financial advisor’s office. We offer legal advice only and do not sell annuities, securities or insurance products.

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